“One and Only” music video has over 12k views in it FIRST DAY!!!

The official music video for Rob Hazen’s new single with Pat Farrell is out NOW! This marks the second time these two have worked together, and their second hit single is already blowing up on YouTube, with over 12,000 views in its first day alone. Check out the song and the video below!

Rob Hazen’s single reaches #1 in Europe!!

Rob’s debut single with DJ/Producer Denis Goldin has reached #1 on radio charts in Poland and Bali, and has hit top 5 in several European and Asian countries!!!

Check out the official music video here!

Dare To Dream is out NOW!

Rob Hazen’s debut single with DJ/producer Pat Farrell is out NOW! This song has already been picked up by several labels in Europe, and was the theme song for Switzerland’s biggest EDM festival, STREET PARADE.

Check out the music video here!!