It’s a brand new start for HAZEN. In 2010, he had finished up over a year of extensive US and Canadian tours in support of his second album, and relocated to the city of Orlando, Florida. In 2012, he recorded a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ song 1979 with DJ/Producer George Acosta, which became a summer smash and exposed HAZEN to an entirely new global audience. His contribution to the song landed HAZEN several other songwriting and feature artist deals for single releases with popular European DJs. Thanks to the worldwide explosion in popularity of House music, HAZEN’s songwriting and vocal chops have been showcased at major festivals and radio stations throughout Europe and Asia. Since that time, HAZEN released a handful of singles, saw his music get placed on several TV shows, and became the touring guitarist/vocalist for indie pop-rockers Like The Movies. When he wasn’t busy with his other projects, HAZEN would spend his days in and out of various central Florida studios writing songs with local producers and songwriters. Time in the studio helped expand his musical palette, and over the last few years he has acquired a large, eclectic catalog of original music.

When deciding upon music for his latest release, SOUL, HAZEN says, “This group of songs represents a new step in a great direction for me personally, as well as musically. It’s the first time I’ve ever released an album that features co-writers. I became too comfortable being the sole writer of the music I release; having other creative minds in the room allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and really work towards creating the best song for everyone — not just for me. And in the end, the songs are better for it.”

The brevity of HAZEN’s new EP belies its depth. The first song, We Are Gold, is a funk and soul-tinged indie pop song about finding truth and integrity in today’s flashy and over-glamorized society. Its honest lyrics and catchy, sing-along hooks will resonate through the day. HAZEN’s second song, Electric Love, is a feel-good tune with a throwback vibe about being lovestruck in the best way. The EP wraps up with the title track, Soul, which went through several revisions before finding itself on the album. “We started writing House music for a DJ-style project I was involved with, but I was so drawn to the song that I had to put it on my solo EP. So we ended up completely rearranging the song, and re-recording several parts. I appreciate the song’s simplicity and poignancy…and I really love the groove,” says HAZEN.

With a new EP on the way, and new local and international tour dates on the horizon, HAZEN states, “I feel like the album represents a fresh start. And I like where I’m starting.”